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May 2024

Interactive Webinar - Sexponential Medicine


Just as medicine and science are advancing at exponential speeds, so too is sexual medicine. Join Dr. Amy Killen as she explores “Sexponential Medicine.”

It’s a world where old-fashioned healthy lifestyle meets innovations in artificial intelligence, where functional genomics meets hormone optimization, where light, heat, and shockwave therapies meet injectable biologics, biometric tracking and decentralized science. Sexponential Medicine is about using innovations across multiple disciplines to help you maintain sexual vitality and move towards sexual longevity, because who wants to live forever with a sexual system that can’t keep up?

Amy B. Killen, MD is a leading regenerative physician and international speaker,  focusing on “Sexponential” technologies and protocols as drivers for health and longevity. Dr. Killen is a pioneer of the Full Body Stem Cell Makeover, one of the most innovative regenerative procedures currently available.  In her portion of the procedure, Dr. Killen combines stem cell injections with photobiomodulation, low-intensity shockwave therapy, body-identical hormones, and peptides to give patients unparalleled synergistic regenerative effects for skin, hair, and sexual systems.

June 2024

Interactive Webinar -  Wealth Wisdom for Women: Mastering Financial and Emotional Freedom

Introducing Gina Kloes, a dynamic force in the world of entrepreneurship and leadership. As a Branson Center for Entrepreneurship Mentor, Tony Robbins Lead Trainer, and Deepak Chopra Vedic Educator, she's a true Game Changer. With a global reputation as a keynote speaker and thought leader, Gina empowers entrepreneurs, CEOs, and startup teams to become visionary leaders of the future.

In this empowering seminar, we'll explore the crucial distinction between earning money v. keeping and growing your money. Discover how to identify your true needs for financial freedom and learn a specific methodology to make informed investment decisions that align with your ultimate goals. Gain insights into analyzing investments to ensure they support your long-term objectives and avoid haphazard investing or over-reliance on financial advisors who may not prioritize your best interests.

Wealth extends beyond the numbers on your financial statement. Financial Freedom without emotional freedom is the ultimate bankruptcy. Join us to master your money, take charge of your financial life, and unlock the ultimate wealth and abundance of emotional freedom.

August 2024

Interactive Webinar on Health & Longevity - Part 3

Helen Messier

Helen Messier, PhD, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Fountain Life, joins us for another interactive discussion on women’s longevity, anti-aging, genomics, personalized medicine, and lifelong wellness. Participants will have the opportunity to ask Dr. Messier their burning questions and share their own experiences. The first two sessions were so popular that we have added part three by popular demand.

Past Events

March 2024

In-Person at the Abundance Summit

Women’s Meetups

Join us in-person at the Abundance360 Summit! Participate in Women’s Meetups, make meaningful connections, and explore new frontiers in women's entrepreneurship and innovation.

February 2024

Interactive Webinar - Women in Space

Anousheh Ansari
Sian Proctor

Anousheh Ansari and Sian Proctor are both astronauts who break barriers.

Anousheh, XPRIZE Foundation CEO and hi-tech serial entrepreneur, captured international headlines by embarking upon an 11-day space expedition, becoming the first female private space explorer, first astronaut of Iranian descent, first Muslim woman in space, and fourth private explorer to visit space. 

Sian, Geoscience Professor and Afrofuturism artist, was the mission pilot for SpaceX Inspiration4, the first all-civilian orbital mission. She is the first female commercial astronaut spaceship pilot and the only African-American woman to ever be a mission pilot. She is also the first African-American commercial astronaut, and the first African-American to paint in space!

Join Anousheh and Sian for an engaging conversation on raising the glass ceiling and charting new territory as women.

January 2024

Interactive Webinar - Women’s Reproductive Health

Jennifer Garrison
Dina Radenkovic

Jennifer Garrison, PhD runs the Garrison Lab at the Buck Institute for Aging. She is the co-founder and Director of the Global Consortium for Reproductive Longevity and Equality. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the American Aging Association. 

Dina Radenkovic, PhD is ​​co-founder and CEO of Gameto, a biotech company that is developing treatments to improve women's lifelong reproductive health.

Dina and Jennifer are passionate advocates for women’s health, and are pioneering a new movement to advance critically important, under-researched science focused on female reproductive aging.

September & November 2023

Interactive Webinars On Women's Health & Longevity - Parts 1 and 2

Helen Messier

Helen Messier, PhD, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Fountain Life, joined us for an interactive discussion on women’s longevity, anti-aging, genomics, personalized medicine, and lifelong wellness. Participants had the opportunity to ask Dr. Messier their burning questions and share their own experiences. This session was so popular that we added a part two.

The first webinar was recorded and adapted into an additional chapter in Peter’s book Longevity (releasing November 2023).

October 2023

Interactive Webinar - Investing in Women and AI

Rana el Kaliouby-1
Jess Mah

Rana el Kaliouby, Deputy CEO of Smart Eye and visionary co-founder of Affectiva, recently spent time with our female members and guests to discuss her mission: humanizing technology before it dehumanizes us. 

Alongside Rana was Jess Mah, Founding Partner of Astonishing Labs. Jess, who launched her first six-figure venture in middle school, has since established three companies, each valued in the hundreds of millions.

We discovered their shared experiences building and scaling tech businesses – with insights specifically tailored to the unique experiences and challenges faced by female leaders. 

We also discussed opportunities for female founders to receive support, as well as strategies for investing in women-led initiatives in the AI and longevity spaces.

Other Benefits

  • Private A360 Women’s WhatsApp Group

  • Private A360 Women’s Longevity WhatsApp Group