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Abundance 360 Review 1

Peter inspires 10X thinking and helped me make my moonshot a reality. I return to A360 every year to refresh my energy and make my moonshots even bigger.

Rick Smith  Founder & CEO, Axon Enterprise and TASER International

Abundance 360 Review 2

I joined Peter’s Mastermind to understand the coming convergence of AI, Robotics, and other exponential technologies and how they are transforming every industry this decade.

Ryan Duffy  CEO, Blackstone Energy Services

Abundance 360 Review 3

Every January A360 helps me anticipate and get excited about the future and stay ahead of the curve in an efficient and consistent way.

George Votis  Chairman & CEO, Galt Industries

Abundance 360 Review 4

Peter helped me sell my business at the peak of its value by anticipating the coming disruption from exponential technologies. At A360 I’ve finally found my ‘tribe’.

Randy Stanbury  Former Owner & Founder, Service Freight Systems Inc.

Abundance 360 Review 5

Abundance 360 is by far the highest-value program I’ve done in my career.

Thomas Helfrich  VP, transformAI

Abundance 360 Review 6

A360 members are amazing and powerful entrepreneurs. I’ve referred almost a dozen colleagues to join Abundance 360, which reflects how highly I value Peter’s impact.

Cyrus Sigari  CEO, JetAviva

Abundance 360 Review 7

I joined Abundance360 to learn from and partner with A360’s global community of leaders and Innovators

Andrew Nikou  CEO & Founder, OpenGate Capital

Abundance 360 Review 8

I love Peter’s focus on longevity during A360 programs. He helps me stay in touch with cutting edge technology and treatments that have impacted my healthspan.

Stan Doobin  President, Harvard Maintenance

Abundance 360 Review 9

A360 is key in helping me anticipate the future, so I don’t live in the past. My entire business depends on it.

Gina Kloes  Founder, Inner Tech

Abundance 360 Review 10

Each year gets better and better. The A360 community is magnificent.

Jennifer Borislow  Founder, Borislow Insurance

Abundance 360 Review 11

By far the most energizing and inspiring event of my year.

Colin Mansell  CEO, RED Academy

Abundance 360 Review 12

I have never attended an event like this. It is remarkable.

David Dugan  Elite500 Mastermind

Abundance 360 Review 13

At A360 I met my partners and accelerated my Massively Transformative Purpose to feed a billion people. I’m grateful to the Abundance community.

Ambuj Jain  Founder, Feed a Billion

Abundance 360 Review 1
Abundance 360 Review 2
Abundance 360 Review 3
Abundance 360 Review 4
Abundance 360 Review 5
Abundance 360 Review 6
Abundance 360 Review 7
Abundance 360 Review 8
Abundance 360 Review 9
Abundance 360 Review 10
Abundance 360 Review 11
Abundance 360 Review 12
Abundance 360 Review 13




An annual summit that begins each year with a grasp of the most current and critical technological breakthroughs across AI, Robotics, 3D Printing, AR/VR, Networks, Sensors and Computation. At Abundance 360, members learn what technologies are shifting from deceptive to disruptive, and converging to create new business opportunities.



Abundance 360 is committed to maintaining a global and diverse membership base, representing a variety of industries. During the course of the event and throughout the year, members enjoy numerous opportunities to network and collaborate with one another . Every Abundance 360 member is also required to undergo an extensive interview and selection process.



Continuous, firsthand updates and additional content are provided to members throughout the year, helping them stay up-to-date with the latest technology breakthroughs and their most noteworthy industry implications. Members have access to 4+ digital webinars every month (in which Peter interviews top CEOs and technical experts, opening the floor to members for questions and discussion), meet-ups, and daily updates through the Abundance Digital app.



While the majority of members come to Abundance 360 on a recurring annual basis, a small percentage of seats open up for the event each year.

The Abundance 360 application process is composed of three parts:


Complete a form with information about yourself, your company, and your goals.


If you qualify, we will reach out to schedule a 30-minute phone interview with a member of the Abundance 360 team.


After the phone interview, Peter and the Abundance 360 team review candidates.

*You’ll be notified of your approval status within 24 hours of your interview.



Fortune Magazine recently named Diamandis as one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders. He is the Founder & Executive Chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation and Executive Founder of Singularity University, and has co-Founded 20 companies including Celularity, Human Longevity Inc., and BOLD Capital Partners. Diamandis is the NY Times Bestselling author of Abundance & BOLD. He earned degrees in Molecular Genetics and Aerospace Engineering from MIT, and an M.D. from Harvard Medical School.