Abundance360 Members

  • Impact the world
  • Acquire wealth & influence
  • Extend their healthspans
  • Pursue & achieve Moonshots
  • Reject linear thinking
  • Crave challenges & excitement

Nora Dweck-McMullen

CEO, Dweck Properties

“A360 was truly one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you Peter for putting on a truly exquisite event and for creating and holding the space for all of us to really dare to soar…”

Ron Cloud

Owner, Cirrus Enterprises, LLC

“This was probably the best 5 days I’ve ever spent at a conference and, as a 25-year CEO, longstanding YPOer, TIGER 21 member and CEO member, that’s saying a lot!”

Sanja Kon

CEO, Utrust

“A360 is full of great entrepreneurs and visionaries who want to uplift humanity.”

Blake Miller

Founder, CEO Homebase

“I have grown my company 10x, thanks to Abundance360. We're in hyper scale mode.”

Steve Distante

Chairman & Founder, Vanderbilt Financial Group

"I started a new company based on what I learned at A360. I sold my company based on what I learned at A360. A360 changed my life in a very significant fashion."

Jennifer Borislow

Founder, Borislow Insurance

"Each year gets better and better. The A360 community is magnificent."

Mel Torrie

CEO, ASI Robots, USA

“Top-of-the-industry speakers. Great vision check. Helps [me] do course correction for the year.”

Thomas Helfrich

VP, transformAI

“Abundance 360 is by far the highest-value program I’ve done in my career.”

David Erickson

Co-Founder, Promise Hub

"A360 is among the most valuable and transformative decisions I’ve ever made."


Peter with Larry Page, Bill Clinton, and Arianna Huffington

Mask Group 31

Peter with Elon Musk


Peter with Jeff Bezos


Peter Onstage at TED 2012

peter diamandis with tony robbins

Peter with Tony Robbins

peter diamandis with eric schmidt

Peter with Eric Schmidt

peter diamandis with cathie wood

Peter with Cathie Wood

peter diamandis with astro teller

Peter with Astro Teller

peter diamandis with morgan levine

Peter with Morgan Levine

peter diamandis with salim ismail

Peter with Salim Ismail

peter diamandis with dean kamen

Peter with Dean Kamen

peter diamandis with steve jurvetson

Peter with Steve Jurvetson

Your Host & Curator

Dr. Peter H. Diamandis

Peter Diamandis is a serial entrepreneur, futurist, technologist, TED Speaker, New York Times Best-Selling Author, and the founder of over 20 companies.

Fortune Magazine has named Peter one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders.

He is also the Founder of the non-profit XPRIZE Foundation. Since its founding in 1994, XPRIZE has launched over $250 million of competitions to create radical breakthroughs that benefit humanity. Most recently, Peter teamed up with Elon Musk to a $100 million XPRIZE focused on combating climate change through gigaton carbon removal.

Peter’s life mission is to empower entrepreneurs to create a hopeful, compelling and abundant future for humanity.

He created Abundance360 to empower a select group of entrepreneurs, investors, and CEOs to harness the latest technologies, create wealth, and solve significant global problems.

A360 Member Benefits

Here are a few of the benefits that members receive by joining Abundance360

1. Early Insights to Key Tech-Trends

In 2015, Diamandis provided all A360 members with bitcoin when it was priced at $250/btc. A360 debuted on stage the top 3D printing, quantum computing, and AI companies years before they went public for billions of dollars.

2. Cutting edge Longevity-related Breakthroughs

Every year, Diamandis assembles the world’s top experts in age-reversal, regenerative medicine, and diagnostics.  A360 offers its members early access.  As a result, we have documented that we have saved the lives of more than a dozen members, and extended member’s “expected healthspan” by more than 20-years (on the average).

3. You are a Graduate of Singularity University

A360 is a year-long executive program. It is Singularity University’s highest level (and most exclusive) program.  Once you complete a year of A360 you are officially an SU graduate and can add “Graduate of Singularity University’s Abundance360 Executive Program” to your resume and LinkedIn. With this certificate, you join a group of people who have changed the world.

Hear the stories of Abundance360 members

Meet some of the members you will be joining

Peter H. Diamandis,

Curator & Mentor, Abundance360

Ani Chalal Honan

Co-Founder Yunity, Ambassador at XPRIZE & Singularity University

Howard Fineman

Founder/ CEO Ashley HomeStore

Jeffrey Branch

Founder/ CEO, Colombus Capital Corporation

Joan Greco

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

A360 program structure

Abundance360 is a year-round program designed to keep members on the cutting edge of exponential tech and to help them hone the 4 Mindsets that are most critical during this period of rapid accelerating change: Abundance Mindset, Exponential Mindset, Longevity Mindset, and a Moonshot Mindset.

12-Month Abundance360 Executive Program Membership


Mindset Mastermind 1


Mindset Masterminds



Workshop 1


Implementation Workshops

(Live with Peter)


Mindset Mastermind 2


Mindset Masterminds



Workshop 2


Implementation Workshops

(Live with Peter)


Mindset Mastermind 3


Mindset Masterminds



Workshop 3


Implementation Workshops

(Live with Peter)


Mindset Mastermind 4


Mindset Masterminds



Workshop 4


Implementation Workshops

(Live with Peter)

March 20-23


Mindset Masterminds


The year-round program includes 3 components

1. Annual Summit

A360 kicks off every year with a 3-day Summit in March, which Peter personally curates, hosts, and delivers to A360’s extraordinary group of entrepreneurs, investors, and CEOs.

You can participate in the Summit either in-person in Los Angeles or virtually from anywhere in the world.

    Whether you’re in Financial Services, Real Estate, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Advertising, Energy or another industry… understanding which exponential technologies are emerging and converging is critical to the longevity of your business.
    Do you understand what technological breakthroughs transpired during the past 12 months that you should be leveraging in your business right now?
    Do you have a good handle on the anticipated breakthroughs that could most dramatically impact your business in the next 1-3 years?
    The Summit answers the above three questions, giving you the latest knowledge required to capture emerging opportunities and make your business future-proof.

2. Implementation Workshops

Following the Summit, members participate in a sequence of 5 interactive Implementation Workshops every two months, through the remainder of the year.

The goal of the Workshops is to help members plan their future and give them clarity, confidence, and courage during this period of accelerating change.

Below are examples of Workshop topics throughout the year.


    “6 Ds” Framework: Why Digitizing, Dematerializing, Demonetizing & Democratizing your products and services is critical for the decade ahead.

    Metatrends* Analysis: The next decade being shaped by 10 Metatrends that will redefine every industry and society at large. These Metatrends are the result of converging exponential technologies, transforming business models and what is possible. Peter works with A360 members to evaluate how these Metatrends will impact their business, investments and philanthropy. 

    Longevity Breakthroughs Workshop: We cover the most critical breakthroughs in the area of longevity, age reversal, and health-tech that you need to know about and implement.

    Creating an Exponential Organization: There are ten attributes describing an exponential organization (EXO). EXOs operate 10x more impactfully/efficiently than traditional companies. Learn about these attributes and how to use them in your business.

    MTP & Moonshot Workshop: A deep dive into how to select and develop your Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) and why it’s critical to you as an entrepreneur and to your business. With your MTP in place, we next focus on getting clarity on your 10-year Moonshot and the steps to achieve it.


    *NOTE: Top 10 Metatrends for The Decade Ahead:

    1. Increasing in Global Abundance and Abundance of Capital
    2. Global Gigabit Connectivity
    3. Increasing Human Healthspan
    4. Metaverse
    5. Ubiquitous AI / Human-AI Collaboration
    6. Abundant, Cheap Renewable Energy
    7. Transport: Flying Cars (eVTOL), Autonomous Vehicles & Drones
    8. High-bandwidth Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI)
    9. Carbon Capture/Storage & Focus on Sustainability
    10. Biotech (CRISPR & Gene Therapy) eliminate diseases

3. Mindset Masterminds

The A360 network is an extraordinary group of entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders running companies ranging in value from $10 million to $10 billion from around the world.

Our goal is to foster value-add connections while allowing time for deeper discourse, longer conversations around applying the mindsets, and forming of mutual support networks within Abundance360.


    Members will be broken out into groups of ~6. The group discussion will dive deeper into the Mindsets and how they are being applied to members' lives & businesses today. The program also allows for feedback, sharing ideas, and supporting each other's growth.

Upgrade Your Mindset!

Our mission is to help A360 members obtain mastery in 4 key Mindsets

Peter H. Diamandis,

Curator & Mentor, Abundance360

"What made Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, or Elon Musk succeed? Was it their technology or their mindset? Personally, I think mindset is an entrepreneur's most critical asset."

Moonshot Mindset

You understand that most people are focused on incremental (10%) growth, but you seek 10x Moonshot growth.

Abundance Mindset

You have clarity, evidence, and conviction that technology is dematerializing, demonetizing & democratizing products & services.

Exponential Mindset

You understand the power of exponential growth and that technologies such as AI and VR are transforming every industry.

Longevity Mindset

You are focused on tracking the breakthroughs that can add 20 to 30 healthy years onto your life.

Leveraging Exponential Technologies

Below is a list of nine exponential technologies that Peter and his team are tracking day-to-day throughout the year.

Our mission is to help you understand the breakthroughs that have occurred during the past 12 months, and to project where these technologies are going over the next 2 to 5 years.

Your A360 membership helps you get excited about the future—not fearful of it.

We help you "skate to where the puck is going to be." And to support you in leveraging these technologies to transform your business, your philanthropy, and your Moonshots.

Computation& AI

Longevity & Biotech


Robotics & Drones

Augmented Reality


3D Printing


Virtual Reality

2022 Speakers

Cathie Wood

Founder, CEO, CIO, ARKInvest

Talk Title: Investing in Exponential Organizations
Bio: Brilliant exponential investor with $60B+ in assets. Founder, CEO and portfolio manager of ARKInvest. 

Astro Teller

Captain of Moonshots, Alphabet Moonshot Factory (formerly Google X)

Talk Title: How to Create a Moonshot Organization
Bio: Scientist, inventor, entrepreneur responsible for steering (Google/Alphabet Moonshot Factor) “X”.

Dean Kamen

CEO, DEKA Research & Development Corporation

Talk Title: A Conversation with Dean Kamen on Everything
Bio: Inventor (1600+ patents), entrepreneur and tireless advocate for science and technology.

Eric Schmidt

Former CEO, Google & Co-Founder, Schmidt Futures

Talk Title: A Conversation with Eric Schmidt on A.I.
Bio: Technologist, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Steve Jurvetson

Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Future Ventures

Talk Title: Space, Nanotech, Quantum Computing and More!
Bio: High-Tech Venture Capitalist; Board of SpaceX, Tesla (thru 2020).

Salim Ismail

Founder, Open ExO & ExO Works

Talk Title: Creating an Exponential Organizations (EXO)
Bio: First President of Singularity Univ, Futurist and author, building and coaching disruptive digital companies.

Tiffani Bova

Global Growth Evangelist, Salesforce

Talk Title: Driving your company’s growth
Bio: Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce. Author of Bestseller, GrowthIQ.

Eric Pulier

CEO, vAtom Inc

Talk Title: Web 3 and NFTs
Bio: Entrepreneur, author, philanthropist bringing the spontaneity of real life into the virtual realm.

Robert Goldberg

Managing Partner, GTG Capital; Operating Advisor, Palladium Equity

Talk Title: Using ExO to solve the Crises of Exceptionalism and Alignment in Mid Market Companies
Bio: Entrepreneur, tech leader and investor building companies from startup to enterprise.

Dave Blundin

Managing Partner, Link Ventures; Chair, Cogo Labs

Talk Title: Attributes of Successful Organizations
Bio: Founder of 23 companies, internet and Tech investor with capital-efficient road to profitability.

Rudy Tanzi

Director Genetics and Aging Research, Harvard University

Talk Title: Slaying Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Bio: Prolific scientist developing therapies to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Member of Time 100s Most Influential People of the World.

Pam Kryskow - Pic
Dr. Pam Kryskow

Medical Director, Vancouver Island University

Talk Title: Using Mushrooms to Extend Our Healthspan
: Medical doctor with a strong interest in chronic pain, mental health and psychedelic medicine.

Zayd Enam

CEO & Co-Founder, Cresta.ai

Talk Title: Using AI to train your top employees
Bio: PhD dropout building intelligent software to enable experts on day one.

Kyle Nel

President, Singularity Labs

Talk Title: Neuro Adaptive VR – Pioneer Experience
Bio: Created the multi-disciplinary behavioral transformation approach using applied neuroscience to help organizations break out of incrementalism.

Walter Parkes

Co-Founder & CEO, Dreamscape

Talk Title: Education Abundance – Our VR Future
Bio: Producer/writer, Men In Black (series), Minority Report. Former head of DreamWorks Studios.

Peggy Johnson

CEO, Magic Leap

Talk Title: AR/VR and Magic Leap
Bio: Building the next computing platform and leading its growth. Former growth accelerator at Microsoft.

Jamie C Beard

Executive Director, Geothermal Entrepreneurship Organization

Talk Title: Geothermal: The Future of Clean Energy
Bio: Solving problems through science and innovation with passion for clean tech, renewable energy and environmental preservation.

Chris Kemp

Founder, Chairman & CEO, Astra

Talk Title: Brain Computer Interface & Rocket Science with Peter, Chris Kemp, and Paradromics CEO Matt Angle
Bio: Founder and CEO of Astra, the fastest rocket company to reach orbit and former CTO of NASA and founder of cloud computing company OpenStack.

Kyle Clark

CEO, BETA Technologies

Talk Title: Reimagining our Transportation Infrastructure
Bio: Aerospace engineer and pilot building the most extensive electric charging infrastructure in the US and designing the most advanced eVTOL aircraft in the world.

Bill Barhydt

Founder & CEO, Abra

Talk Title: The Future of Decentralized Finance & Cryptocurrencies
Bio: Serial tech entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience, cryptocurrency expert, and Founder & CEO of Abra: leading crypto bank with customers in over 100 countries.

Ben Lamm - Pic
Ben Lamm

Co-Founder & CEO, Colossal

Talk Title: De-Extinction
: Serial technology entrepreneur driven to solve the most complex challenges facing our planet.

Sam Englebardt

Founding General Partner, Galaxy Interactive

Talk Title: Crypto & Bitcoin: The Future of Money
Bio: Media and tech investor, content producer, and Founding General Partner of Galaxy Interactive, a VC with $650 AUM focused on interactive entertainment, blockchain, NFTs, and esports/gaming.

Morgan Levine

Founding Principal Investigator, Altos Labs

Talk Title: Epigenetic Reprogramming: The Potential for Age Reversal
Bio: Assistant Professor at Yale School of Medicine focused on using an interdisciplinary approach to discover mechanisms of aging that can be targeted to delay or prevent disease and extend life expectancy.

Dave Asprey

Founder, Bulletproof

Talk Title: The Power Not to Get Old
Bio: Pioneer of the biohacking movement, creator of Bulletproof Coffee, New York Times Bestselling author, and host of the top 100 podcast The Human Upgrade (formerly Bulletproof Radio).

Paul Stamets

Founder, Fungi Perfecti

Talk Title: Using Mushrooms to Extend Our Healthspan
Bio: Mycologist, medical researcher, world-renowned leader in fungi, and entrepreneur with over 20 patents for mushroom-related technologies.

Dina Radenkovic

Co-Founder & CEO, Gameto

Talk Title: Women’s Reproductive Longevity
Bio: Doctor by background, leading biotech in female reproductive longevity.

Ramez Naam

Partner, Chief Futurist, Prime Movers Lab

Talk Title: Evidence of Abundance: Energy
Bio: Clean energy expert, technologist, award-winning author, and a leading authority on how renewable energy and exponential tech will create a world of energy abundance.

Teymour Boutros-Ghali

Managing Partner, BOLD Capital

Talk Title: Evidence of Abundance: Disruptive Technologies
Bio: Investor and entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience backing and commercializing disruptive technologies. Managing Partner of BOLD Capital Partners.

Bob Hariri - Pic
Bob Hariri, MD, PhD

Chairman, Founder, & CEO, Celularity, Inc

Talk Title: Briefing on the Latest Longevity Treatments
: Pioneered the use of stem cells to treat a range of life-threatening human diseases.

Maryanna Saenko

Co-Founder, Future Ventures

Talk Title: Evidence of Abundance: From Food to Transportation
Bio: Engineer with over a decade of experience at leading Silicon Valley VCs investing in disruptive exponential tech across industries: from the future of food to transportation.

George Shapiro - Pic
Dr. George Shapiro

Chief Medical Innovation Officer, Fountain Life; Director, Fountain Life Edge Program

Talk Title: Briefing on the Latest Longevity Treatments
: Specializing in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease and Age Management Medicine, and known nationwide as an expert in age management medicine

Morgan McDermott

Chief Technology Officer, Futurescope

Talk Title: Using GPT3 as your ‘brainstorming partner’
Bio: AI/Deep Neural Net expert engineer, co-founder & CTO of Futurescope.

Keith Ferrazzi

Founder & CEO, Ferrazzi Greenlight

Talk Title: Conscious Connections
Bio: Bestselling author, speaker, investor, philanthropist, and executive team coach who helps teams transform enterprises. Formerly CMO of Deloitte and Starwood Hotels.

Matt Angle

CEO, Co-Founder, Paradromics

Talk Title: Closing Moonshot Session on Brain-Computer Interface & Rocket Science
Bio: Co-Founder and CEO of Paradromics, a game-changing company creating the next generation of BCIs to treat disorders ranging from paralysis to speech impediments.

Greg Fahy - Pic
Dr. Greg Fahy

Executive Director & Chief Scientific Officer, 21st Century Medicine; Chief Scientific Officer, Intervene Immune, Inc

Talk Title: Briefing on the Latest Longevity Treatments
: Holds 40 patents, specializes in organ cryopreservation for transplantation, and intervening into human aging in general and human immunological aging in particular

Kent Wakeford
Kent Wakeford

Co-Founder & COO, Colossal

Talk Title: De-Extinction
Bio: Entrepreneur & technologist with 20+ years of experience in digital consumer products and data measurements, digital advertising expert, and co-inventor on 75+ patents.

Membership Tiers







Global Virtual


In-person participation at the Annual Summit in Los Angeles, CA
Access to the Tech Hub and Longevity Hub: Live demos from top tech companies you need to know about
Additional half-day in-person program at the Summit
Curated connections with other A360 members to connect you with the top members who are a great match for you
Additional Patron-only full day of programming with Peter at the A360 Summit
Private lunches with Speakers during the A360 Summit
Longer Quarterly Implementation Workshops with Patrons-only
Livestream Summit access for your employee base (500 people)
Remote participation in the Annual A360 Summit
Access to Abundance Digital Membership the for You and 5 others which includes 50+ webinars, where Peter interviews leading entrepreneurs and technologists
Membership in a global community of like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, and CEOs
Access to Peter's private A360 Linkedin Group
Quarterly Implementation Workshops with Peter and other A360 members
Quarterly Masterminds Conversations with fellow A360 members
Access to Private Member Hub & Directory
Multiple opportunities to collaborate and network with the A360 community throughout the year
Early access and discounts to other experiences and programs (e.g., Fountain Life, Zero-G and Verijet)

Global Virtual


  • Remote participation in the Annual A360 Summit
  • Membership in a global community of like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, and CEOs
  • Curated connections with other A360 members to match you with the Top 10 members who are a great match for you
  • Quarterly Implementation Workshops with Peter and other A360 members
  • Multiple opportunities to collaborate and network with the A360 community throughout the year, including participation in Member Forum Groups
  • Early access and discounts to other experiences and programs in the “Peterverse” (e.g., Fountain Life, Health Nucleus, Zero-G)
  • Access to 50 webinars, where Peter interviews leading entrepreneurs and technologists
  • Participation in Abundance Metaverse events

In-Person Upgrade

+$12,500(Total: $22,500)

  • Everything included in the A360 Membership, PLUS:
  • In-person participation at the Annual Summit in Los Angeles, CA, including:
  • Dinner with your curated Top 10 A360 member matches
  • Access to the Tech Hub and Longevity Hub: Live demos from top tech companies you need to know about

Patron Upgrade

+$30,000(Total: $40,000)

  • Everything included in the A360 Membership and In-Person Summit, PLUS:
  • 4-hour closed-door "Mastermind" session with Peter
  • Private lunches with Peter, A360 speakers, and curated experts
  • Livestream Summit access for your employee base (500 people)
  • Longer Implementation Workshops with a smaller group

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