Join Peter Diamandis on the Abundance Platinum Longevity Trip

Join Peter and an exclusive group of 30 CEOs, investors and entrepreneurs on the trip of a lifetime into the future of your health, immunity, and longevity.




The 2021 Platinum Longevity Trip is a luxury 5-day deep dive into the future of your health, spanning key therapies, research, and novel breakthroughs that will define the next decade of longevity: stem cells, regenerative medicine, exosome therapies, genomics and CRISPR, senolytic medicines, and others.
Gain an exclusive view of what is coming our way this next decade in personalized, preventive medicine, and rejuvenation treatments. You will walk away with a number of assets, including but not limited to: an expert-interpretation of your full genome, a personalized nutrition guide on the basis of your microbiome, full-body scans, advanced aging clock analysis of your health, and the option to be an early user in stem cell treatments.
Boston / Cambridge, MA & New York / New Jersey
Trip #1: August 11-15 // Trip #2: September 22-26

The trip begins in the Boston & Cambridge biotech complex and ends in New York. Each ticket is all-inclusive, including 5-star accommodation, internal transit, Michelin-star menus, wellness treatments, cutting-edge health products, Fountain Life membership, whole-genome sequencing, and more...


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Personalized for 30 Extraordinary People

Limited to an exclusive group of serious players (C-suite executives, investors, industry leaders) worldwide, Abundance Platinum is about fostering lifelong friendships.

>> Get firsthand access to the top researchers, entrepreneurs and executives at the likes of Harvard Medical School, Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research, MIT AgeLab, the Broad Institute, etc.

>> Meet the CEOs of today's cutting-edge longevity startups and biotech companies, the likes of Elevian, Editas Medicine, Celularity, Moderna Therapeutics and Insilico Medicine.

Our group will additionally be joined by resident longevity experts that will accompany and advise members throughout the trip. In advance of each trip, Peter and his team additionally conduct a personalization and on-boarding process with you, determining what therapies, health concerns (involving family medical history), investment interests, and conditions to target through our various symposiums, featured treatments, and hosted experts. The Platinum team hereby ensures each of our entrepreneurs showcases meet the specific business goals and longevity interests of our members, in an effort to provide you tangible returns on your investment well beyond the trip.


COVID-19 Breakthroughs & the Future of Pandemics

COVID-19 is fundamentally reshaping the way we live our lives, magnifying the importance of immunity, and requiring entire sectors to adapt to a new “business as usual.” The pandemic has also unleashed scientific collaboration and a rate of discovery like we’ve never seen before. As humanity faces this singular, unifying enemy, we are emerging a wiser and far more resilient species.

In addition to its longevity focus, this trip introduces you to the top scientists, labs, and companies on the forefront of COVID-19 and the future of infectious diseases. Go behind-the-scenes with the top startups, labs and scientists developing novel diagnostic tests, leading vaccine development, and discovering novel therapeutics for the novel coronavirus and a range of infectious diseases.

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