Zagrodzky, Kyle PhotoKyle Zagrodzky

Founder & CEO, OsteoStrong Franchising


Kyle Zagrodzky is the Founder and CEO of OsteoStrong. A serial entrepreneur, Kyle has founded several companies earning over 100 million in revenue. He is drawn to concepts that improve the human condition.

OsteoStrong exists to deliver the highest level of physical freedom to people around the world by leveraging new scientific discoveries. With the support of Tony Robbins – himself a user of OsteoStrong technology and investor in the company – Kyle now works to bring knowledge of the best biohacks to the global marketplace.

Speaking on stages around the world, Kyle is best known for his frequent presence at Tony Robbins’ events where he presents on bio-hacking and OsteoStrong. A serial entrepreneur, Kyle has more than 30 years’ experience funding and launching a multitude of businesses with great success. Kyle lives and serves his life’s mission of helping others from his home in Brentwood, Tennessee along with his wife and three sons.