Greg Bailey MD, PhotoDr. Greg Bailey, MD

CEO, Juvenescence


Dr. Gregory Bailey is the CEO of Juvenescence Limited, a company that develops therapeutics to modify how you age, so people can live longer healthy lives. Juvenescence develops conventional drugs, therapies to regenerate organs and tissues, IP protected consumer products and other therapeutic modalities to slow aging and increase healthy lifespan. Current product is Metabolic Switch sold on Amazon.

For 10 years Dr. Bailey was an emergency room physician in Canada before embarking on an entrepreneurial life founding and financing life science companies in 1995, these companies have traded on NASDAQ, AIM, AMEX and the NYSE, reaching over $25 billion in market capitalization. Gregory Bailey currently sits on the board of directors of 4 public traded biotech companies: Portage Biotech, AgeX Therapeutics, Manx Financial Group and Biohaven Pharmaceutical.