Bjoern Woltermann Bjoern Woltermann

Founder & CEO, Katalyst


Bjoern Woltermann is the Founder & CEO of Katalyst, which utilizes full-body Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to make working out easier, faster, safer and more effective than ever before. A startup and tech veteran with a master's degree in international economics, Bjoern became acutely aware of the challenges with traditional fitness when he took 150 flights per year while suffering from chronic back pain. Bjoern’s physician introduced him to EMS training and, after training once per week for six weeks, he was pain-free and in noticeably better shape. This began a ten-year journey to introduce full-body EMS to the US market and help all people live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Prior to founding Katalyst, Bjoern led product management teams at ImmobilienScout24 (the Zillow of Europe) and, following the acquisition by Deutsche Telekom, served as VP of Emerging Technologies for the telco conglomerate, leading teams in 15 countries.

Bjoern is passionate about helping people, learning and problem solving, leading to 11 patents to date. Now based in Las Vegas, NV, he is a devoted husband and uncle who loves to explore the world off the beaten paths, enjoy great food, and pursue a healthy lifestyle.

About Katalyst

Founded in 2015 in Seattle, WA, Katalyst is a revolutionary, zero-impact workout that helps improve your fitness through every decade of life. The FDA-cleared, Full-Body EMS training technology works with your body rather than against it, delivering insanely effective and fun strength, power, cardio and recovery workouts in just 20 minutes or less. Visit for more information.