Abundance360 Sales Consultant

Abundance360 (A360) is a year-round Mastermind and Executive program. It is Singularity University's highest-level program. A360 is seeking a Sales Consultant to grow their high level membership base.

This organization is founded by one of the world’s leading visionary entrepreneurs, Peter Diamandis. The community of 300+ strong, is one of the highest caliber communities in the world of visionary leaders, entrepreneurs, and thinkers that aims to create moonshot ideas that create positive disruptive forces that solve humanity’s biggest problems.

The Abundance360 (A360) program and annual Summit focused on the four key Mindsets and the Exponential Technologies required to become and be an Exponential Entrepreneur with Moonshot ideas to help solve some of the world’s largest challenges.   (www.abundance360.com

The A360 community and what the members learn during their membership, can radically alter their career trajectory, helping them make life and business altering decisions that might prevent them from being disrupted and instead be pioneers. 

If this doesn’t excite you, stop reading right now! 

The right person for this role will be a strong, confident, self-starter with a track record of high performing, high integrity, consultative selling. This person will become a quick student of the concepts shared in the community, if not already familiar with them.

This person is super smart, sharp, passionate, and talented with a great attitude and a tremendous spirit of resourcefulness.  We want someone who, when they encounter an obstacle, will find a way around, through, over it, under it, etc.  

First priority is being extraordinary at closing deals with a high level of relational intelligence, kindness, and social savvy.  

This person knows or does the following:

  • How to interview a prospect to unearth their wants and hot button desires.
  • Listens attentively, putting the spotlight on the prospect.
  • Clarifies and verifies to test for alignment. 
  • Sells with integrity: only when a solution is right for the client, but when that solution is right, he/she doesn’t give up.
  • Follow up is thoughtful, tactful, intentional.
  • Handles objections with emotional adeptness and confidence.
  • Is unashamed to ask the prospect to become a client and to invest in themselves and their future, as this has a chance to be a life and business altering decision. When the sale happens, it’s a win for them and a win for us.  


  • You will set appointments, lead with a discovery style interview process, then demonstrate/share the membership and invite them to be a part of it - assuming it’s right for them and they are right for the group.
  • Complete their deposit while on Zoom, when appropriate
  • Show up in a pleasant, humble, low pressure, but professional manner 
  • You will show up for team meetings

Bonus Factors:

  • Passion for entrepreneurship and learning about exponential technologies like AI, robotics, 3D printing, etc.
  • Hubspot and Salesforce CRM savvy is a plus
  • We want someone who would want this position long term.

PHD Ventures Core Values:

  1. Fearless conversation and debate, followed by unified action.
  2. Courageous Persistence & Resourcefulness.
  3. Encourage, Inspire and Support Ambition and Moonshot Thinking.
  4. Trust Each Other to Execute; We Win as a Team.
  5. Total Accountability of and Dedication to Continuous Improvement.
  6. We deliver extraordinary experiences, knowledge and community.

Your salary and pay and hours:

  • This is a commission based role.  
  • It can be part time, but we expect a high degree of dedication to this role and deep desire to impact and an opportunity to be full time.

Please send a resume and cover letter with your answers to the three questions below to team@a360.com


  1. What intrigues you about this opportunity?
  2. What are three things every great salesperson needs to do before, during and after a call with a prospect?
  3. Tell us about a time that you overcame some very difficult objections and helped make a client into a raving fan?