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  • Diagnostics

    The first step is knowing what is going on in your body.

    This report covers my diagnostics in detail.

  • Mindset

    Living longer isn't just about the external. You need to work on your mindset.

  • Diet

    What you eat and drink, and when you eat is critically important. Below is a summary of my personal longevity diet practice. You can find more details and data backing up these practices in the book Life Force

  • Exercise

    Exercise, particularly retaining muscle mass and agility, is one of the fundamentals of longevity. Most deaths occur following prolonged sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass) leading to a fall, a fractured hip or pelvis, hospitalization, pneumonia, and death.

  • Sleep

    When I was in medical school and for the first few years of my entrepreneurial career, I used to pride myself on how little sleep I could get away with. My target was typically 5.5 hours. I would routinely take red-eye flights so I could sleep and hit the ground running. Boy, was I wrong: I wish I knew then what I know now!

  • Meds & Supplements

    This section covers all the meds & supplements I take.

    NOTE:  I am an educator, entrepreneur, and scientist—not a clinician. As such, I cannot make clinical recommendations for prevention or treatment of any disease. In making any suggestions, I am expressing only my own personal views.