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Held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai


Apply for membership to Peter's highly-curated group of leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors committed to transforming their success into significance, and attend the Abundance 360 Dubai Summit on March 26-27, 2019 at Godolphin Ballroom, Emirates Towers Hotel.

Membership options for Abundance 360 Dubai:
1) Foundation Membership - $4,000
2) Premium Membership - $7,500

Apply Now For A360 Dubai
2-Day Summit

2-Day Summit

During the inaugural 2019 Abundance 360 Dubai Summit, Peter Diamandis will spend 2 days preparing members for the year ahead – discussing disruptive exponential technologies and what they mean for you.

12 Months of Content

12 Months of Content

Access the Abundance Global member portal and watch the archive of A360, Peter's exclusive interviews, monthly webinars + more.

A 25-Year Journey

A 25-Year Journey

Peter’s committed to running Abundance 360 as an annual event for 25 years as a countdown to the singularity. 80% of our members renew a year in advance.

Leverage Cutting-Edge Technologies

Get advanced insight and understanding of how converging technologies will disrupt your industry, and create an unfair advantage for those who are ready.

Leverage Cutting-Edge Technologies
Join Top CEO's From Around The World

Join Top CEO's From Around The World

Less than 1 in 10 who apply are admitted into A360. Our members are all interviewed by the A360 team. The vast majority of members own or run businesses ranging from $10M to $10B+ and are committed to turning their success into global significance.

Shift From Success to Significance

Disrupt your competitors before they disrupt you – Learn how to grow your business 10x or 100x, think globally and exponentially, and positively impact the world.

Shift From Success to Significance

Sneak Peek into Abundance 360 Dubai

Themes Explored This March In Dubai

Day 1 : Abundance Mindset Day 2 : Bold Implementation

Exponential And Abundance Thinking Future of Tourism, Hospitality, Retail, and Real Estate
Future of Cities  Energy Disruption : How the Region can prosper 
Future of Transportation, Trade and Logistics Moonshot Thinking
Future of Health and Longevity Industry Mastermind : Local  and Regional Leaders


Peter Diamandis


Ramez Naam





How To Apply

Submit Application

Submit Application

If you qualify, schedule an
appointment for an interview with an A360 team member.

Hold Interview

Hold Interview

Talk with an A360 team member via phone or Skype to see if you're a great fit.

Team Review

Team Review

The team will then review
applications and choose who's
best for the community.

A360 Dubai Membership Options

Foundation Membership 
Premium Membership 

Singularity University Community Access

Connect with meet exponential change makers, find events and SingularityU Chapters nearby or abroad, and browse curated content on exponential tech trends and future perspectives


A360 Global Portal

This gives 1-year access to courses, webinars, interviews, archived content from A360 US 2019 summit and much more! All content is updated on a weekly basis with a minimum 1-2 webinars per month created by Peter himself. Click here for a sneak peek

Get inspired and informed  

Post-summit access to 4 pre-selected webinars - by Peter, over the next 12 months


Singularity University Alumni 

This includes discounted access to SU executive programs, invitations to alumni-only events across the 100+ chapters globally and exposure to an international community of 40K+ curated members

Abundance 360 Dubai Summit 2019

Access with general seating 


Expand your Network

Access to A360 Dubai cocktail reception on Day 1: Network with influential CEOs and government leaders across the Middle East, Africa & South Asia region


Abundance 360 Dubai Summit 2019

Access with preferred seating

 USD 4,000
USD 7,500 



Cyrus Sigari

"A360 had my attention from start to finish. I wasn't looking at my phone or my computer - I was captivated and left feeling smarter than when I walked in. I loved the content, the people, the intimacy, the demos, the production value and the pace."

–Cyrus Sigari
A360 Member 2017 & 2018


Steve Strickland

“Coming [back] to Abundance 360 was the easiest decision in the world. When I started to see that my businesses were changing and thriving because of the connections I made and the new methodologies I was applying, it was obvious to me to keep coming. We often talk about expecting a 10x return on investment. With A360, the return is hundreds of times [the membership investment]. It’s that valuable.”

–Steve Strickland
Founder, RMD Energy, USA & Honduras
A360 Member 2013 - 2018


Sue Siegel

"Peter's vision with Abundance 360 and his personal energy to run it is outstanding. The way he was able to go between areas, make people feel energized, excited, and seek growth is remarkable. Peter's mark on the world is felt."

–Sue Siegel
2017 A360 Speaker
CEO, GE Ventures

Mel Torrie

“Top-of-the-industry speakers. Great vision check. Helps [me] do course correction for the year.”

–Mel Torrie
CEO, ASI Robots, USA
A360 Member 2015 - 2018

Exponential Times 

Read our latest issue and sign up to get your biweekly dose of all things exponential.


How does the application and interview process work?

We ask all candidates to submit a brief application. We review these applications, and if we believe you are a good fit for the group, we will schedule a short 30-minute phone interview. After the phone interview, our admissions team will review applicants on a rolling basis. If accepted, you will receive an email from Peter and our on-boarding team will immediately get you plugged into the community.

If I am accepted and become a member, what happens next?

A360 is very much a community with a number of ongoing threads and resources available to you throughout the year. Immediately after the Abundance 360 Dubai Summit, you will receive 1-year access to Abundance Global Member Portal, which features digital webinars in which Peter interviews world-class operators, technologists, founders or experts in addition to course content and other resources for you to review and use throughout the year. 

Do I need to be a technologist to appreciate the content?

No. Peter prides himself in making all of the concepts immediately understandable and usable. Abundance 360 is about helping you scale your business and impact, rather than technology mastery.

How is A360 different from other Tech Conferences?

Abundance 360 is an entrepreneurial community with an annual event – not a one-off conference. We focus on the exponential technologies that will impact your company in the near-term (2 to 5 years) and provides you with immediate “on-ramps” of how you can actually use the technology. Also, the community is very highly curated to be CEO/Entrepreneurs-level.

Do I have to sign up for all 25 years of the A360 Journey?

No, you can sign up on a year-to-year basis. However, 80% of our members renew for the following year.

Do I need to be an entrepreneur to join the group?

While the majority of A360 members are entrepreneurs/CEOs, either currently operating or serial founders, a number of our members are executives at large corporations, investors (e.g. venture, private equity, public markets, real estate), or thought leaders in different domains. We are looking for passionate individuals who will provide a unique perspective to the group and who are interested in actively experimenting with and learning about new disruptive technologies and business models.

Do I need to have my Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP) defined before I join the group?

No. We will help you define your MTP and provide ample time to workshop your ideas with other members to identify the problems you want to solve and ideas you'd like to pursue.

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